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The IDB has redirected $12 billion from other proposed projects to directly respond to the COVID-19 crisis. The Bank’s four priority areas are the immediate public health response, safety nets for vulnerable populations, economic productivity and employment, and fiscal policies for the amelioration of economic impacts. IDB Invest, the private sector arm of the IDB, will donate $5 billion, with a $500 million Crisis Mitigation Facility targeting investments that directly respond to the pandemic. The IDB has emphasized the importance of technology during this transition to virtual work and learning environments, providing adaptation techniques for development banks and funding remote working technologies for women-led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In order to spur entrepreneurship, the IDB invites businesses to provide self-reported solutions to the pandemic in its Innovators Map.

In addition to direct interventions, IDB provides policy recommendations and data visualizations to keep citizens informed about the impact of COVID-19 and the current pandemic response. Many of these trackers encourage citizen participation to ensure that governments are aware of opinions and suggestions of all people. Policy recommendations particularly focus on how governments can utilize monetary policy solutions, overcome fiscal challenges, and harness financial systems to help families. The IDB is currently focusing on providing policy recommendations for the reopening of countries and on COVID-19 recovery. Through the Mapainversiones project, each country reports the budgets for government projects to increase transparency and reduce possibility of corruption among officials. #MovingOnline provides teachers, students, and administrators with strategies, classes, and resources to ensure the successful transition to remote learning. The IDB elected a new president, Mauricio J. Claver-Carone, in September. It is unknown what changes and new innovations the new president will bring. The Board of Directors appointed a new executive team in November.

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